Brad Kaz Photography,
Brad is a new friend who creates beautiful photographic landscapes well worth a look.

Chuck Abrams,
My friend Chuck creates beautiful classic car photographic collages. He will make a stunning collage of your car, or you can select a print from his incredible collection of the most wondrous cars ever made.

Ira Meyer Photography,
Ive known Ira for many years and his stunning photographs of Antarctica are his best work.

Kenny Rogers Jewelry,
This man's knowledge of stones is amazing, as are his gorgeous pieces. And he is as entertaining as he is knowledgeable.

Nostalgia Graphics,
My friend Stan paints amazing detail into his scenes from all the iconic places those who grew up in the Los Angeles area remember well, and which are mostly gone forever.

Tom Mayberry,
Tom is a relatively new friend, but the first time I saw his travel photographs I fell in love with the colors, his romantic doorways and cascading flowers. They are lovely canvasses, beautifully presented.